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Speedy Auto Service
111 W. 21st Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
36.8673977 -76.2858715
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28 reviews
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  Martha 06/22/2017
Very friendly, quick service
  Laura 05/20/2016
I only got a State inspection done. But I felt they were the fastest I've ever been to. I only gave a 4 out of 5 because when I entered I was not greeted at all. And I believe the person sitting there was a manager. Other than that the lenth of service was pretty quick.
  Jason 08/06/2015
I had some cheap easy exhaust work that needed to be done and they did it cheap and fast.
  Carey 07/21/2016
The (man I assume to be the [tall, medium toned AA male]) manager is very rude. That's all. Laughs at you for only bringing your vehicle in for inspection, if you're someone who opts to repair it yourself. Takes all day, too. Found somewhere else, and won't be going back.
  Shoshana 03/26/2015
The customer service was great. I didn't feel like I could necessarily trust that I was getting the best value for my dollar, some of the work seemed terribly overpriced and I was deeply disappointed about that. I've recently moved to this area and was looking for a trustworthy and reasonable mechanic, and would have been willing to make Speedy my regular "shop," but at this point, I'm not so enthusiastic about recommending them to others or to commit to them myself.
  Rachel 10/17/2016
This location is right next to my apartment building so the location works perfectly for me. I have never had an issue with the basic service provided. I have had a problem with a few of the suggested maintenance that isn't needed and overcharging. I have been told that over three things need to be done to my car that don't need to be (one of my close friends is a trained car mechanic). I recently got my state inspection done there and knew the price for some suggested maintenance was too much. I ended up going to a different car place two days later and saved $350 on the same exact services.
  Nick 07/26/2018
This shop was going to knock me over the head for a $1,600.00 quote for ball joint replacement and alignment. I ended up pricing moot parts (which wasn?t what you were going to use) for 650.00. Meaning your shop had the audcacity to hit me with 1000 dollars of labor for a 4 to 5 hour job at most. Can?t believe y?all hit people with that. I ended up getting the job done at tread quarters for a fraction of the price and will be recommending to all my fellow military folks to get their work done there. I went to your shop first as you guys are my neighbors and I?m ashamed that I have to see a crooked shop every day on my commute to work. Be better and don?t take advantage of people like that.
  Gabriela 05/03/2018
I recently took my vehicle to get inspected for the state inspection. My car was inspected here the previous year and has never had any issues passing. This year they decided to fail my car due to the light tint on the back window, they said it was obstructing the break light. I made sure to ask if there was any change in the rules since it hasn?t been a problem before. I have had my vehicle for five years and it came with the tint. The man in charge of the front desk informed me the rules had not changed, and I asked why then, did they pass my car the previous year. He denied it had been done there even though I had the paperwork and was rude. I decided to go somewhere else and get a second opinion. I was informed a tint like mine was usually left to the discretion of the technician to fail it or not. I removed the tint from my window and went back to this location. The man at the front desk did not say a word to me when I came back to get reinspected. He stuck his hand out making a gesture to hand him my keys but it was very unprofessional and rude. When my car was finished and he handed my keys and paperwork to me it was a silent transaction once again.
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